What’s stands behind Affordable Wedding Video and Photo?


Since I started filming weddings in 2008, I heard Affordable Wedding Video, or Affordable Wedding Photographer phrase many times. But I never thought the true meaning behind this. Well, now after I filmed more then 300 weddings across UK I can tell.

According to some statistics, average UK wedding cost around £25 000. If you think for a minute £25 000 to spend in one single day…That’s quite a lot! But, if you want your most important day of your life to be remembered, then that’s fine.

My personal research shows that average London Wedding Photographer for a full day coverage would cost you around £1500. I worked along with some wedding photographers who charged £7000 plus! (Honestly, I couldn’t see the difference in image quality…)

And of course, how can you forget about Wedding Videographer to capture your wedding? Pictures are nice, but they are silent. You won’t hear vows, speeches, first dance and all the joy from your day… I heard lots of stories where couples usually regret about not spending a little extra on wedding videographer…. When I say “little extra”, I mean on average London Wedding Videographer would charge you between £1200 and £1600 for a full day coverage.

So now, just on this two services you going to spend approximately £2500 – £3000!

Not many couples can afford that. I know that. You want to start your new life debt free. That’s totally right! That’s why we decided to offer our couples a new option.

We called it simple: Affordable Wedding Video and Wedding Photography Service

Let me explain you by comparing our Standard package with Affordable.

Our Full day Wedding Video Package cost £999 for 9 hours.

  • You get your Wedding video edited in full with all the speeches, dancing, cake cutting and so on. Plus you get a Highlight clip made with one song of your choice.

Our Full day Just Filming Package cost £630 for 9 hours.

  • You will receive your wedding video unedited. With this you have further two options. 1st – you edit yourself or 2nd option – you can ask me to edit later whenever you want and pay the difference.

You can save even more if you combine our Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography packages together! My wife joins me on the day and while she filming, I will be taking pictures. No fighting! We promise. 😉

So if you are interested in our great offers, or want to find out more, then just give us a call or contact via Contact Page and we will be more then happy to offer you a great service at affordable price!

P.S. On average, we film around 25 weddings a year and around 5 of them we film with Just Filming package. So we are proud that we are able to help some couples to capture their big day and save a little extra for their new happy life!


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