Capturing Wedding at The Old Mill venue: “A Reading Wedding Photographer’s Tale”

We recently had the privilege of documenting a wedding at The Old Mill venue. Join us as we share highlights from this enchanting day, blending vintage charm with modern romance.

The History:

The Old Mill is a beautiful rural, riverside wedding venue set in the heart of Reading, West Berkshire. Dates back to 1086! The venue provided a timeless backdrop with its weathered stone walls and rustic allure. Its historic charm created the perfect setting for capturing unforgettable moments.

Outdoor Beauty:

The Old Mill’s gardens, a small river and landscapes offered a stunning backdrop for outdoor portraits, enhancing the romantic and timeless feel of the day.

Photographing a wedding at The Old Mill in Reading was a journey through time, where every frame told a story of love and enduring beauty. The Old Mill’s timeless charm, combined with the couple’s love, made this wedding photography experience in Reading truly unforgettable.

Below you will find some wedding photographs from The Old Mill venue.