Quite often my clients are asking me one particular question: “What will we get as our final wedding video?”

Most wedding videographers in UK deliver their final wedding videos to the clients in particular format. At the moment there are 3 types of it.

  1. Wedding DVD disc
  2. Wedding USB memory stick
  3. Online delivery via link to download

Let’s talk about them separately.

Delivering on Wedding DVD disc. 

When I started my wedding videography service in London in 2008 it was a standard method. You would receive a standard DVD or Blu-ray disc in a custom case with menus, music playing at the background and chapters. Like a standard DVD film you would buy from Amazon. I really liked this method. But, it involves a lot more work. You have to create Menu with chapters, sometimes with two pages, then, you have to burn video to a disc and finally you have to make a nice wedding DVD cover in Photoshop, print it and cut to size to fit in DVD case. Same applies to the disc. But instead, I was printing directly on top of the disc. This could take extra half a day. And if you making 3 copies, like I did with my Top package, then add another extra 2 hours…

Here is an example of what I was delivering in the past:

Personalised Wedding dvd case with blank disc. DVD storage box

There is only one requirement for this and that is DVD player! Not many people have them nowadays. Plus, they can be scratched over time… I can see why Wedding DVD cases with disc will soon start disappearing from our lives because of that. Everything goes digital this days. Last year (2019) I made a move to our next format which is Wedding USB Memory Sticks.  But I still offer the old method at an extra cost.

Check out my Instagram page where I share my latest Wedding DVD Cases I made for the clients.

Delivering Wedding video on a USB memory stick

This method is very popular now. (2019) There is no need for DVD player. All you need is a device which have a USB  port. Also it is small, means you can put it in your pocket or attach to your key ring. Finally, you can copy your edited wedding film to your computer or hard drive for back up. Upload it online and share it with friends and family. This is great! I love this option.  And for me, as a wedding videographer or photographer it saves lots of time. Once I finish editing, I can simply copy and paste final results to the USB memory stick. Great!

Here is a sample of my Wedding USB memory sticks which I offer with every package:

Wedding usb memory stick

You can also order them from my Shop. Click here

Delivering wedding videos via Download Link

This method is the most simplest. Once the final wedding video is ready, all I need is to upload it to Google drive or Dropbox or any other online platforms, get the shareable link and email that to you. And you can simply download your wedding video or wedding photos to your device. The only downside I can see is a wait time. This depending on the final file size and your Internet speed. Average HD full wedding film 1.30 hours long can weight around 15Gb…

I can offer this method as well if you wish. Just let me know.

Hope I have explained a bit of the methods how your wedding videos or photos can be delivered. If you have any question, please Contact me I will be more then happy to help you.